Oceanographic Instrumentation
MultiSite Monitoring Solutions

  • Rivers
  • Estuaries
  • Reservoir
  • Aquaculture



Monitoring solutions:
  • Telemetry
  • Multiple sites/buoys
  • Central server based archiving
  • Comprehensive software

  • Turo Quoll and Devil XBT Recorders compatible
    with Sippican* XBT probes and launche

  • OEM solutions

1991 - 2019 - Turo celebrating 28 years of operations !!!

Turo Quoll XBT-sv
for XBT and XSV

Turo's NEW recorder supports expendable sound velocity probes XSV, and XBT probes.

Calculating sound speed
from XBT...

So what's new??.....

Turo introduces Climatology Assisted Sound Speed Calculation.

A new advanced technique available with all Turo XBT recorders

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Turo is a Recognised Defence Supplier