Turo Devil XBT Recorder

  • USB interface and USB powered
  • Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
  • Fully compatible with Sippican* XBT probes and launchers
  • Imbedded global coastline charts
  • Global ocean climatology database
  • Automatic Quality Control
  • GPS input
  • Satellite telemetry (Argos and Iridium)
  • Climatology assisted calculated sound speed

The Turo Devil XBT Recorder is fully compatible with Sippican* Expendable BathyThermograph (XBT) probes and launchers.

A truly portable XBT Recorder - it can operate off a USB from a laptop without any mains electricity.

The Devil XBT is the simplest to use, yet the most feature rich, XBT recorder available today.

It incorporates sophisticated quality control using a global climatology database and behaviour models to flag any possible anomolies. The figure to the right shows the temperature profile with an overlay of the climatology to be expected at the Lat/Lon position and allowing for annual variability.

Several output formats cater for most applications, including ascii text and netCDF.

Fully meets CE compliance.



Turo Devil XBT Recorder installed on ship of opportunity Vega Gotland crossing the Tasman sea...

Simple to install and use. Volunteers from the crew carry out operations...

Devil brochure

The Tasmanian Devil
(Sarcophilis harrisii)
Tasmanian native marsupial