T-611 Portable Water Quality Analyser  
The T-611 Water Quality Analyser is a multiparameter field instrument. It allows the operator to measure up to seven parameters plus other calculated derivatives. The T-611 is used by water quality professionals for rapid and accurate measurement of water quality. Compact, state of the art design and quality manufacture ensure high reliability and ease of use.
Water quality parameters  
  • temperature
  • conductivity (low range)
  • conductivity (high range)
  • salinity
  • dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • Redox potential (ORP)
  • turbidity
  • depth (optional)


Six sensors (plus optional depth) are mounted in a 50 mm diameter housing. The probe transmits serial data to the Reader/Logger.

The unique design of the probe with its swivel action permits easy access to the sensors for servicing while enabling the sensor assembly dimensions to be very small


The unit is easy to use through its keypad and LCD alphanumeric display, is water tight and can be left unattended. It enables the user to:

  • Display all parameters on the LCD display
  • Do single point or two point calibration on all sensors
  • Store readings in real time
  • Set up the real time clock
  • Set the Logger start/stop times and sample rate
  • Download both in real time data and logged data
  • Download calibration coefficients
  • Show coefficients date/ time of last calibration
  • Adjust contrast on the LCD display for clarity
  • Use backlighting at night for the display



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