Turo Technology is a privately held business based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  Turo has been operating since 1991, providing specialised oceanographic and water quality instrumentation.


Original compact drifting bouy
Turo began by designing and manufacturing a new series of satellite tracked oceanographic and meteorological drifting buoys. These were sold to organisations such as the Australian Antarctic Division and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

In 1994 Turo embarked on a program of diversification into water quality instrumentation.  This was facilitated through a strategic alliance with Yeokal Electronics Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia.


Hundreds of the original T-611 Water Quality Analyser have been sold. The T-611, a range of other water quality products and custom designs were sold world wide.

Consulting and major projects followed, including the design and implementation of all the software for a major desalination facility's offshore outflow.
The popular T-611 Water Quality Analyser


With the launch in 2007 of the Turo Devil XBT data acquisition and recording system, Turo has returned to oceanographic instrumentation.  The Devil XBT, and the successful Quoll XBT, have been adopted quickly and now have users in oceanographic research, defence, meteorological, survey and consulting industries.
Turo's Devil XBT Recorder

Today Turo focuses on its XBT recorder systems and processing software.


1991 - 2024  Turo celebrating 33 years of operations
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