Turo Quoll XBT Recorder


The Quoll Recorders have all the advanced features of the Devil XBT.

And now QUOLL adds Ethernet capability for network installation.


The Quoll XBT has all the familiar features found in the Devil XBT - easy to use and incorporating the familiar quality control using a global climatology database and behaviour models to flag possible anomolies - and more.

  • Fully compatible with Sippican* XBT probes and launchers
  • Imbedded global coastline charts
  • Global ocean climatology database
  • Automatic Quality Control
  • GPS input
  • Climatology assisted calculated sound speed from XBT data ...read more
  • Iridium satellite telemetry
  • Connect to it with:
    the USB interface, or
    Ethernet through your network
  • Apply power from:
    external DC, or
    USB power, or
    Power of Ethernet - PoE
  • Fully meets CE compliance
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10


Temperature profile with overlaid climatology


Previous and next drop locations marked on chart

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